Value Added Service


On Call Location

Our round the clock control room is available 24/7 for your convenience; on call location will allow you to call our control numbers and locate your vehicle by speaking to a control room monitor.


Quick Assistance
Live updates
As easy as a phone call
Keep a check on your driver and teenagers

Web to Wireless

Our web to wireless feature allows you to login to our website and keep an eye on your vehicle. It is as easy as checking your email.


Know where your vehicle is through your computer
Analyze your fuel consumption and driver behavior
Know where your loved ones are at all times

Anti Theft Interface (timer button)

Anti theft interface is a value added product developed keeping a snatching scenario in mind; it eliminates parking theft by 90 % and increases vehicle recovery ratio in a snatching scenario. We synchronize the vehicle door with a timer and a button. If the driver door is used during ignition on the vehicle will automatically be switched of within three minutes.


Increases recovery ratio and snatching in jammer related snatching scenarios. Eliminates parked theft
Gives you a peace of mind when your vehicle is parked outside wedding halls; residence and unsafe areas.

Remote Kill Option (Centralized Locking)

Remote kill option gives you complete peace of mind while your vehicle is parked; Remote kill option gives you complete peace of mind while your vehicle is parked. Our centralized locking system ensures the best guarantee to protect your car from different kinds of theft cases and motion sensor that produces alarm when an invader approaches your car.


Complete peace of mind when your vehicle is parked.
Service after sales for one year.
One year warranty.
Added Security.

Remote Less Centralized Locking

Remote less centralized locking makes you hassle free from locking and unlocking your vehicle by using remote. This Car security system with RFID high frequency 2.4GHz is universal for any car and is designed to anti-carjacking as well as ensure the safety of the car owner, no need to change and destroy the original electrical system of cars, the electrical component of this system is light and handy, not easy to detect.


Only the Car Owner Can Unlock the car.
Kill Engine
Hidden, not easy to find
Easy to use.

SMS / E-mail Alert

SMS / Email Alert is an exclusive service that keeps the customer updated by sending instant SMS as well as Email on their cell phones about the vehicle if it generates the following Events.

Main Battery or Power Failed
Over Speed


Keep updated
More secured
Stay safe

Secure Parking

Secure parking service is used to make your vehicle secure while parking in an insecure area. For this service you call at our control room and have this mode turned on. By turning secure parking on your vehicle goes on observation and on first ignition on we call you to confirm the status of the vehicle and at the same time you receive a system generated SMS also from us.


Secure parking
Peace of Mind
Added Security

Additional Fence

We provide one default geographical (city) fence in all our packages. For more security you can have multiple fences activated as per you desire.


Added Security
Stay safe

Smart Monitor

Connect to your vehicle remotely with Smart Monitor mobile app. This unique app gives you remote control of certain features of your vehicle, lets you view real-time diagnostic information, and more. The app works on Blue tooth and GSM technology.


Your vehicle on your finger tips.
Track your vehicle 24 * 7
Real time updates
Safety Round the clock

Street Smart

Megatech Trackers introduces street smart - a 360-Degree solution for your vehicles designed for the Pakistani market powered by android.
Street Smart empowers you to control your vehicle remotely. Using your smart phone street smart allows you to perform the following enhanced functions.


Locking / Unlocking Doors
Operate the Engine Remotely
Anti Theft Control
Maximum Protection

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