What We Do


We install a GPS Vehicle Tracking Device in your car, which allows you to track and manage your vehicle from our website or from your smart phone on our android mobile app.


In case of theft of your vehicle, we kill your car engine and alert the police.
In case your vehicle goes outside a predefined zone, we alert you.
In case your vehicle's battery is tampered, we alert you.
In case your car’s ignition is turned on between 3:00 am – 6:00 am, we call and confirm whether it’s you in the car. (offered to select clients)
In case you want to find out the current location of your car, you can see it live on our android mobile app or online on our website.
In case you want to track you car’s travel history, we give you a detailed report on routes travelled, car speed at various times, seat-belt usage, mileage and other information.

We provide this service all over Pakistan.