A. It normally takes 1 working day to install a tracker if the customer provides complete information required.

A. Please download the Application Form (Form # 001) to review the information required.

A. Yes. We offer tracking in all major cities and wherever the GSM Network is available. We also offer a dual network tracker for Nationwide and Global Coverage even where GSM network is not

A. All Insurance companies encourage installation of a tracker. By installing a tracker the customer gets the benefit of a reduced premium.

A. Should the tracker unit become inoperative or is faulty by reason of defective components, workmanship or design within 12 months from the initial installation, Megatech-Trackers will repair or replace the system, free of charge. This warranty does not apply if the tracker has been tampered with, or worked on by anyone other than an authorized personnel, or if the vehicle has been involved in a collision.

A. Yes, it can be installed in all makes Toyota, Suzuki, Honda, Hyundai, KIA, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu and even the latest electronically configured vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes, etc.

A. Yes, only if you have registered the person with us, and has an Authorized or Secondary User and he / she is in the knowledge of the Password.

A. Yes. Please Contact our Customer service on 111-123-890 and fill-out an application form (Form # 001).

A. No. We will use our resource to track and immobilize a vehicle and our car recovery cell will co-ordinate with all relevant government institutions to assit in the recovery of the vehicle.

A. It is essential to immediately inform Customer Services of any changes / additions to your vehicle or personal identification / details.

A. No, all efforts made by Megatech-Trackers Recovery Team (TRT) carry no costs. However, all false alarms are subject to a charge of up to Rs. 10,000 per incident.

A. In case of a battery tamper, our Car Recovery Team will respond with the Police immediately. To Avoid any false alarms which may also cause you embarrassment and inconvenience, pre-informing our Control Room whenever your car is sent to the workshop, or has repairs which may require disconnection of the battery.

A. You can simply call the control room on 111-123-890 for your current location.

A. Please contact the Control Room on 111-123-890 with your password.

A. Please contact our Control Room # 111-123-890 immediately. The earlier you call us the better we can assist in the recovery of the vehicle.

A. Areas that have been defined by Megatech-Trackers at the time of the purchase and areas that have been defined by the customer.

A. Keep inquiring from our Customer Service about the progress, who will also assist you to formally lodge an FIR and subsequently enquire about its recovery status from the Police and CPLC as well.