Company Profile


Megatech Communications (Pvt.) Ltd enjoys a rich inheritance in developing, manufacturing, selling and maintaining of micro-processor based telecommunication equipment since 1992.

Over the past 18 years, the parent company, Megatech communications (Pvt.) Ltd has successfully achieved several landmarks such as,

Association with Pakistan Army
 Compilation of Election 1993 results live, with zero margin of error on PTV Network.
 Cricket Matched live score display with player’s relevant historical data.
 Development/Installation of exchanges for rural/remote areas of Pakistan with PTCL
 CIS markets

Megatech Trackers born in 2007 its capabilities and experiences have led to bring in a comprehensive system designed to provide increased control and management of vehicle, fleet & assets. Utilizing GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technology with GPRS/GSM platform.

Megatech trackers is logistically simple, technologically advance tracker company that serves the clients with  consummate professionalism. Using state of the art security and recovery practices, our skilled, tested and proven professionals provide clients with tailor made, cost effective solutions that ensure both safety and security to our clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide professional tracking solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations and needs with an emphasis on value, integrity and professionalism. We are an employee focused, customer driven organization with an enthusiastic desire to meet the distinctive goals of each of our clients through quality practices and unique solutions.

Our Vision

Megatech-trackers strives to be the highest quality tracking company in Pakistan. We will exceed the expectations of our clients by:

Being the best service contractor our clients have ever had.
Being the best company our employees have ever worked for.
Continuously improving o all aspects of our business while building on our culture of excellence.